Quick Start Guide


Server Requirements

PHP version 5.4 (or greater) MySQL version 5 (or greater)


Download Map Wiz Plugin from CodeCanyon.

In your wordpress admin area, click on Plugins->Add New. Click on upload plugin. Browse the zip file that you have just downloaded from CodeCanyon and follow the prompts to upload Map Wiz Plugin. Click on Activate link to activate Map Wiz plugin.

mapwiz mapwiz mapwiz mapwiz

Creating your First Map

Once Map Wiz plugin has been activated, then you will see “Map Wiz” in your admin area. To create your first map:

1- Go to Map Wiz.


2- Go to Create Map.


3- Input field with placeholder "Map Title" will show, write the map title and click the save button.


4- Map has been created, click on 1st icon of right menu and click on “Dashboard” button.

mapwiz mapwiz

4- You can copy and paste this shortcode in any page and post where you want to show your created map.


Styler your Map:

1- Once map has been created, you can customize styler by Selecting “Feature Type”, “Element Type”, “Visibility”, “Invert Lightness” values from dropdown options and you can also set “Color value”, “Weight value”, “Hue value”, “Saturation value”, “Lightness value” and “Gamma value”.


Adding of Markers:

Once map has been created. You can add marker and customize marker by searching your location. You can also enable info window. You can also enable/disable Tooltip. You can also change shapes of marker. You can also add marker category.


Settings of Map

Once map has been created, you can change the settings of map by clicking on the 6th icon of right menu. You will see three tabs named as “Display”,“Controls” and “Clustering”.

In “Display” tab, you can change map width and height.

For fixed ratio use “px” and for responsive ratio use “%”.

You can also change zoom level of map, Map Type and Localization from dropdown options.

You can also change Bg Color of map.

You can also change Bg Pattern of map from dropdown options.


In “Controls” tab, you can enable/disable “Zoom Control”, “Street View” and “Map Control Type” and also change their position according to your choice.

You can also enable/disable “Dragable Map”, “Double Click Zoom” and “Mouse scroll”


In “Clustring” tab, you can change the Style of cluster markers from dropdown options. You can also change Font Size from dropdown options and Font color of cluster markers.


Map Integration

In order to add your map on a page or post, copy your short code and add it to any page and post where you would like it to display.

1- Copy the Shortcode.


2- Paste the shortcode into your post or page.


3- Update/publish and visit the page to check your resulting map.

Deleting a Map

In order to delete a map, you can click on delete link. This action cannot be undone.


For more advanced functions available, please do visit our Advance Setting Guide.